Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Disney on Ice

See my Picasaweb album for more pictures from this event.

Khalil's mom had a coupon for $10 tickets, but we got very lucky and didn't even need them! Just as we got in line a lady walked up to ask if we wanted her tickets, which she was unable to use. We gratefully accepted, and found our seats about ten seconds before the show started. The basic plot of the show is that the Incredibles, some time after the events of the movie, plan a family vacation to Disney World. It doesn't go as planned. Mr. Incredible takes all the animatronics seriously, getting himself into some needlessly heroic situations. Then a robotic duplicate of Syndrome bursts onto the scene at the helm of an Omnidroid. It immediately begins monologging about its plans to take over Disney World. It takes Mickey Minnie hostage, and from there... well, it gets confusing. But hey, it's a kid's show. All we really need to know is that the Incredibles kick the bad guy's butt out of the park.

In addition to the free tickets, I think I also scored a point for good nutrition. I asked Khalil if he liked peanuts and raisins, seeing as how I'd brought a bag of them for each of us. He said "No" so we went over to the concession counters. The only remotely healthy thing they had on sale was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; I gave Khalil the choice between that and a hot dog, and thankfully he chose the sandwich. Later he got curious about the peanuts and raisins, so I gave him one of the bags. In a rather surprised voice he said "These are good!" Score!!

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