Thursday, June 4, 2009

Red Robin

My friend Mel asked me If I wanted to grab a burger at Red Robin on Thursday, and I told her that I couldn't because it was the only night that week that I'd have a chance to hang out with Khalil. Then, on Thursday morning, I realized the obvious: burgers are just about Khalil's favorite food, and since Red Robin has amazing burgers and bottomless fries, he'd probably love to join us there. His mom thought it was a good idea.

I picked up Khalil and then my mutant ability to get lost even on the simplest route kicked in. It took probably fifteen minutes for me to find the Garden State Parkway, and then I made two separate wrong turns off Route 46. We finally pulled into Red Robin a few minutes later than my original estimate, and about twenty-five minutes later than the revised estimate I gave after reaching Khalil's house early. *Sigh*

We met Mel and ordered. Khalil got a chicken sandwich, which surprised me, because I expected him to get a burger like me and Mel. I'm certainly not complaining, though, as chicken is healthier.

Mel and I chowed down on the bottomless fries, finishing off at least two baskets before the sandwiches arrived. Wow, I should not eat anywhere that offers bottomless anything, because I'm sure I lapped Mel a few times. I told Khalil how Mel is a personal trainer, which he seemed to find interesting. There's no question about whether he likes Red Robin, though; he made a few comments about how the food was the best.