Monday, September 22, 2008

Meeting Khalil and family

I met Khalil, along with his mother and sister, in Newark. We talked with great enthusiasm about our favorite foods to eat and cook, comic books, movies, sports, and outdoor activities. I told him that if he wanted me to play sports with him I'd be happy to do so, but that he'd have to teach me! I explained that I was a fat kid and so gym class was not a fun experience for me, bringing home the point by telling him about my most embarrassing gym experience. One day in junior high we playined that game whose name I can't remember that involved using a football on a basketball court. That day was unusual for two reasons: the boys and girls were to play together, and the coach was unmerciful enough to put flabby me on the skins team. I was so embarrassed that I forgot what I was doing and scored a point for the other team! It was the only point I ever scored while playing that game. I think the story made a big impression on Khalil, because a few days later his mother mentioned that he'd told her the story!

Khalil was excited to hear about camping in the Adirondacks, and about outdoor activities like hiking and snowshoeing. By the time the meeting was over both I and Khalil's mother were sure enough about the match to say that we didn't need any more introductory meetings. I walked out smiling at how well we'd hit it off, and looking forward to getting to know him and sharing my enthusiasms with him.

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